Episode14: The TRON Grand Hackathon Season 2 Wrap-Up Party with Words From our First-Place Winners


Welcome to another recap of Around the Block, TRON DAO’s way of staying in touch with the community by bringing you expert opinions and conversations about blockchain topics that matter. In episode 14, host Frank Caruso, Associate Director of Ecosystem Development at TRON, spoke with Laurent Perello, Serial Entrepreneur and Advisor to TRON DAO, and William Entriken, Lead Author of the ERC-721 standard and also an Advisor to TRON DAO about Season 2 of the TRON Grand Hackathon.


In this episode streamed on August 26, 2022, Frank started the discussion by asking Laurent for his insights regarding the Grand Hackathon Season 2 as a judge. Laurent expressed that he’s delighted to see such promising projects, teams working hard, and the ecosystem growing. He explained that as a judge it can be challenging at times, but he is both surprised and impressed by the quality of the projects he reviewed.


William added that he looked at and analyzed all of the projects carefully, seeing all the different stages, phases, and goals of each team. Overall, he appreciates the variety of creators and their projects and ideas. He explained that winning is just the beginning and he is excited to see what’s next for all those involved. 


For those who submitted and unfortunately didn’t make the cut, Frank asked if the judges have any advice for them. Laurent said to keep building. He continued by saying you will have many chances to get support, keep believing in incredible innovation and keep the faith. William conveyed that if you’re not anonymous, then make sure to post it on your social media and tell your friends and family. He also said that if you’re building in the space, you should be letting others know and not just working under a pseudonym. Let people in the community know how to get in touch with you and about your idea! 


Switching gears, Frank then introduced Burak from team Umbre, one of the winners of Season 2 to answer some questions. Burak explained that Umbre is a one-stop service for all NFT creators, which allows you to generate and deploy a TRC-721 contract on the TRON blockchain with any information and features. After the deployment, you can use the mint button for integration, with which anyone can mint your NFT collection. Burak went on to say that he found the TRON blockchain to be the most suitable option to start his project and he is very pleased with the whole process. 


Following Burak, Frank introduced another winner of Season 2, George with team Score Milk. Scoremilk is a platform that provides Web3 solutions that allow game developers to easily integrate and monetize their games via its platform, without the need to be a blockchain developer. They let any game utilize their payment module for tournaments and competitive gaming. George’s advice to future builders is that if you have a clear vision, follow that vision. Be careful with trends and follow your vision through. 


As the conversation came to a close, Frank asked both the judges for their final thoughts and comments. Laurent voiced that it’s all about the long run, and the long-term vision. 


“We are building something amazing,” Laurent said. “We are here to bring an opportunity from TRON. It’s about teams and community, the ecosystem, the cooperation, helping each other and being committed. The TRON team is ready to help in any way and this is just the beginning.” 


William expressed that he is looking forward to the future.  


“Season 3 will be more ambitious,” he said.” I’m looking forward to that and beyond.”

Thank you for reading this short recap of another great episode of Around the Block. We look forward to bringing you another episode with our team, bringing Web3 experts together for engaging conversations.