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TRON Climate initiative leading the charge for a sustainable future in blockchain

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Sustainable Partnerships

We invite blockchain companies, organizations, and individuals to join us in our mission to drive the blockchain industry toward sustainability and environmental stewardship. By joining the TCI, you will join a global coalition of like-minded individuals and businesses working to reduce the environmental impact of the blockchain industry.

Together, we can educate and support our members in pursuing sustainable and responsible blockchain-related operations.

Building a greener world

Industry Partners

  • Sign the TRON Climate Initiative Pledge
  • Support renewable energy sources for blockchain operations
  • Join the TRON Around-The-Block podcast & Twitter Space to discuss sustainability goals and best practices
  • Support research and development of sustainable blockchain technologies
  • Track and report environmental data transparently

Individuals & Projects

  • Apply for grants to reduce climate impact from blockchain technology
  • Participate in online training and educational resources
  • Network and learn about sustainable blockchain technologies
  • Seek mentorships in the blockchain industry focused on sustainability
  • Take part in the TRON Climate Initiative community

First Steps Towards Sustainability

Climate Impact Reports

One of the best actions an organization can take is to commission an energy efficiency report. This report can provide an in-depth analysis of where energy is being consumed and how it can be reduced.

Carbon Removal

Organizations can pledge money towards purchasing carbon credits, which will help to offset their carbon emissions and support projects that reduce emissions.

Sign The Pledge

Join us and help make blockchain more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Begin by simply signing the pledge below!

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