Power Back To The Artists

TRON is here to give artists what they should have had long ago: control and ownership of their artwork.

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NFT Standard

TRON Art is an innovative platform that allows artists to claim authority and reclaim their rightful ownership of artwork. Through its exclusive NFT standard, TRON enables lightning-fast transactions with minimal fees while ensuring creators receive royalty payments for every transaction - so art remains in the hands of those who truly deserve it.

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Transparent Art

TRON is changing the art world! Thanks to blockchain technology, all data on this network is visible by anyone around the world which eliminates any room for fraud or deception – meaning that no duplicate artwork can exist and each piece of artwork has an accurate record of ownership stored in a secure distributed database. So take solace knowing your favorite masterpiece will be safe with TRON!

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Reliability Utility

With the TRON Art platform, you can be sure that your digital art will continuously benefit its creator. If desired, royalties on future sales of your creation can easily be attached during minting onto their blockchain network - so no matter who buys it down the line, a percentage goes directly back to you!

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Check Our Secondary Markets

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Go beyond the ordinary with TRON's APENFT marketplace. From decreased transaction costs to accelerated settlements, enjoy a variety of features that will take your business operations into high gear - learn more today!