TRON Hackathon Season 7

July 25- October 22

Up to $650,000 in prizes

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Opportunity to get funding from TDV and HTX Ventures

Access to industry partner network

Visibility among leading VC partners

Win from a prize pool of $500,000 worth TRX Prize Pools *

Up to $150,000 energy prizes on Justlend as an energy incentive for S6 winners.

* THE AWARD OF A PRIZE TO A POTENTIAL WINNER IS SUBJECT TO VERIFICATION OF IDENTITY, QUALIFICATIONS AND ROLE OF THE POTENTIAL WINNER IN THE CREATION OF THE SUBMISSION. No submission or submitter shall be deemed a winning submission or winner until their post-competition prize affidavits have been completed and verified, even if prospective winners have been announced verbally or on the competition website. The final decision to designate a winner shall be made by the Sponsor and/or Administrator. It should be noted that all non-US based winners will be required to establish a verified account on HTX, attain Level 3 status and provide their TRC20 TRX address from said platform in order to receive their prizes. Winners who are U.S. persons are required to provide a KYC verified Coinbase or Kraken wallet address and accept an equivalent prize distribution in the form of USDT or USDC.”

Let’s BUIDL the future of web3 together

Welcome to HackaTRON, where pioneers gather to redefine the digital landscape. Join us on a journey unlocking the power of blockchain. Explore Gaming, AI, DeFI, and more. Together, we BUIDL the future of Web3.

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Winning projects will have the opportunity to obtain capital funding from blockchain focused venture firms, TRON DAO Ventures and Huobi Ventures.