Multimedia At Scale

Throw the popcorn in the microwave and get streaming now!

Frictionless TV

TRON is putting the entertainment industry on a decentralized, borderless and sustainable blockchain. Our new protocol allows each user to publish, store and own data-- all at your own discretion. Finally decide the distribution, subscription and push of your own content. Streaming your favorite shows and movies is about to get easier and faster than ever!

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Unlimited Scalability

Yes, we really mean that. As more users join and contribute to the community, the library of content we have to offer will continue to grow. As the community and content library grows, so too will the protocol that is powering the future of entertainment.

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Own The Movie

With TRON, you own the TV shows and movies you watch, decide what content to see and how much to pay. TRON is looking to build a community that inspires healthy debate on everything entertainment.

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