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TRON is Here to Help
TRON exists to empower decentralized commerce and community for every human on the planet. Since its inception in 2017, the TRON network has remained focused on two ideals: decentralization and empowerment. We enable the development of decentralized financial and social applications, and we empower developers and users alike to own this purpose with us. In December 2021, TRON became TRON DAO, a community-governed, decentralized, autonomous organization connected to a diverse and growing blockchain ecosystem.
Come #BUIDLtheFUTURE with us, and make TRON the way the world spends, receives, and settles money.
TRON Bull Decentralizing the Web


TRON is making waves in the gaming world by enabling the creation of exciting new play-to-earn (P2E) games across all its platforms. As a gamer, you know that the quality of your gaming experience is everything. That's why TRON is dedicated to working with developers every day to scale and perfect their games, ensuring that every player can enjoy a seamless, immersive experience like never before. With TRON, the future of gaming is here – so don't miss out on the action!

Are you a developer or a blockchain startup looking to make your mark in the world of Web3? The TRON Grand Hackathon provides the grandest opportunities for promising projects to accelerate the development of decentralized storage, decentralized applications, digital assets, cryptocurrency wallets, and more, all while promoting the growth of the blockchain ecosystem. Participation in the HackaTRON gives builders the chance to showcase their talents, network with industry experts, and #BUIDLtheFUTURE together with TRON.
$500k USDD prize pool
30+ partners
60+ Judges








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Building with TRON
TRON Bull Learn Development
TRON Infrastructure
TRON's detailed guides, written by current developers for future developers, help builders explore TRON's unique architecture and core applications. We believe in providing our community with the tools and knowledge they need to #BUIDLtheFUTURE on TRON, empowering developers to build the next generation of blockchain solutions.
TRON Bull Learning Tutorials
TRON Tutorials
Looking to get started with TRON but want to level up your knowledge and flatten out your learning curve? Whether you're a complete newcomer to blockchain technology or a seasoned developer, our tutorials offer step-by-step guidance on everything from onboarding into the TRON ecosystem to building decentralized applications and more.
TRON Bull Experimenting
TRON Experimentation
TRON’s low barriers to entry make it easy for everyone, regardless of experience level, to interact with our platform and discover the power of blockchain technology. We offer a user-friendly interface that allows you to start experimenting with our blockchain technology right away. Whether you're looking to build decentralized applications, participate in staking, or explore our ecosystem, you can learn by doing with TRON.
TRON Bull Set Up Local Environment
TRON TestNet
TRON’s impressive ecosystem provides easy access to the TRON TestNet – a private test network that we maintain, so developers can focus on what matters most: innovation and implementation. Builders looking for a stable environment to test and refine their projects will discover a user-friendly platform on which to deploy, test, and deliver blockchain solutions, without worrying about the complexities of network management.
The world of cryptocurrency can be overwhelming. That's why TRON created a comprehensive resource to help newcomers and seasoned users navigate through the complex jargon. Our platform can serve as the first block or the next block in your blockchain journey, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to fully engage in decentralized commerce and community. Find what you’re looking for regarding crypto, blockchain, DeFi, web3, stablecoins, NFTs, or GameFi with TRONpedia.
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