TRON DAO Ecosystem Fund will define decentralization

The TRON DAO Ecosystem Fund aims at innovating Web3. It has a variety of options, including HackaTRON, TRON/BTTC Integration Fund, TRON DAO Ventures, an industry relief fund, ambassadorGrants offering, TRON Academy program, climate initiative, and more upcoming programs. All of these draw from the $1 billion funding allocated to empowering the best and brightest BUIDLing in the TRON ecosystem.

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Define Decentralization

We believe the decentralized web3 future will be collaboratively multi-chain with seamless interoperability, offering essential tools for life-giving participation in the global economy and the global community. We want to enable and empower that future, along with fun applications and enjoyable experiences, too.


HackaTRON icon


Equipping, coaching, and rewarding forward-thinking, future-shaping teams developing for the TRON ecosystem.

TRON/BTTC Integration Fund icon

TRON/BTTC Integration Fund

Providing incentives for projects to utilize the BitTorrent Chain functionalities to bridge to the TRON ecosystem and/or to explore more development opportunities natively.

TRON DAO Ventures icon

TRON DAO Ventures

Discovering elite startups, investing profoundly, optimizing strategically, then exiting at an empowering moment.

Ambassador Grants icon

Ambassador Grants

Providing continuous support to communities, developers, and influencers of the TRON ecosystem.

TRON Academy Program icon

TRON Academy Program

Partnering with top-tier university blockchain organizations to mentor and equip the leading next-gen innovators.

TRON Climate Initiative icon

TRON Climate Initiative

Focusing on how much energy we use, how much carbon footprint we leave behind, and how our environment is overall cared for.

Terra Developer Incentive Fund icon

Terra Developer Incentive Fund

Providing a $10 million grant support to developers and communities adversely impacted by the UST/Luna debacle.

Binance Web3 Industry Recovery Initiative icon

Binance Web3 Industry Recovery Initiative

Empowering blockchain projects to navigate through difficult market conditions with a $50 Million contribution towards the Binance Web3 Industry Recovery Initiative.

AI Fund icon

AI Fund

Leveraging cutting edge technology in the world of artificial intelligence in order to provide more utility to the blockchain world.

TRON DAO Charity icon

TRON DAO Charity

Leading charitable initiatives and using web3 to further make a positive impact.

A Perfect Fit

  • Building on a trusted layer-1
  • Working toward or already possessing a MVP, Testnet, or Beta
  • Leveraging their own resources while stewarding outside funding
  • Uniting a team of innovators and investors who are dedicated to success
  • Synergizing for a multi-chain, interoperable, decentralized future

Does this sound like you? We'd like to hear from you.

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