What Is Actually Being Built on TRON?

February 27, 2023

What Is Actually Being Built on TRON?

At TRON, we deeply value innovation. There’s always something being built, and there are always new projects on our ecosystem’s horizon. We highlight some of the current applications being developed below, and with Season 4 of the TRON Grand Hackathon (HackaTRON) already underway, we’re anticipating an influx of new projects and ideas. 

Three projects either currently being built or that have already launched in the TRON ecosystem are Blockbank, Fuzzy Ocean, and Unifi Protocol.

:: Blockbank ::

Blockbank is a cutting edge financial solution that integrates multiple financial services into one convenient platform. Blockbank is partnering with TRON to create TRON credit cards that will allow users to load the card with TRX or any other TRON asset and spend it anywhere that Visa is accepted.

:: Fuzzy Ocean ::

Fuzzy Ocean won first prize in our Season 3 HackaTRON in the NFT category. Fuzzy Ocean is a multi-chain marketplace where users can buy, sell and discover exclusive digital assets by top NFT artists.

:: Unifi Protocol ::

The Unifi Protocol is a series of decentralized, multi-chain smart contracts that, through its use, intends to lay the foundation for the next generation of Defi development. Unifi runs on the TRON blockchain, and its developers have been working with TRON since 2018.

Season 4 of the HackaTRON

TRON’s Grand Hackathon empowers developer teams leveraging blockchain technology to build decentralized applications and solutions on the TRON blockchain and BitTorrent Chain. HackaTRON submissions are currently open and will remain so until April 15, 2023. Submitted projects are evaluated by an expert panel of judges who reward selected winners from a distributed prize fund. 

Co-sponsored by TRON and Huobi, this season of the hackathon has a 500,000 USDD prize pool and offers promising opportunities for aspiring blockchain projects. We’re also teaming up to provide winners the access to apply for funding from TRON DAO Ventures and Huobi Ventures, as well as the chance to be listed on Huobi.

The HackaTRON has 6 tracks, four of which are returning from season 3. The returning tracks are Web3, GameFi, DeFi, and NFT. 

Returning HackaTRON Tracks and Previous Winners

:: GameFi :: 

The purpose of the GameFi track is to create play-to-earn gaming applications on the blockchain. TuruVerse, the second prize winner of HackaTRON Season 3, is a metaverse in which users can play, engage, learn, and earn. Maurice Deuss of TuruVerse offered this advice to participants of Season 4: 

“Don’t only focus on your product, which can be great, focus on the community as well. So engage and get your product out there while you’re building it. Make something for the audience, the community to see.”

:: DeFi ::

The DeFi track aims to create the next generation of financial services and solutions fully decentralized on the blockchain. Season 3 winner Elk Finance, developed cross-chain infrastructure for investors and businesses alike to efficiently move between blockchains. Elk’s Bridge-as-a-Service (BaaS) SDK allows anyone to take their new token, existing token, or NFT cross-chain without having to worry about the various technicalities that different blockchains present.

Shylo Cliffe of Elk Finance on participating in the HackaTRON gave this advice to future participants: 

“It was an honor… [to] win in the [HackaTRON] DeFi category! The community is very supportive and we were blown away by the enthusiasm for ElkNet and our cross-chain solution!

I’d advise any future participants to first, well, participate! If you’ve checked that box, then I’d say to focus on game changing ideas and get the community excited. If you are able to, that’s a win for your project, a win for TRON, and maybe a win in the hackathon!”

:: Web3 ::

The HackaTRON’s Web3 track focuses on blockchain-based, internet infrastructure. Last season’s 3rd prize winner, HEXTOPUS, an on-chain marketing referral platform, had this to say about their experience: 

“HEXTOPUS seeks to provide an opportunity for many projects in the TRON ecosystem to gain maximum utility to draw a lot of participation at a minimum cost. TRON [block]chain is one of the fastest growing blockchains that exists today and their community speaks to their desire to support protocols and DApps that build and create on TRON.” 

:: NFT ::

The NFT track produces projects centered around Non Fungible Tokens. Johanna of TREE Foundation, last season’s second prize winner is creating the world’s first stablecoin backed by physical forests that generates offset credits for its holders. She said: 

“The TRON hackathon was a blast from the start and proved to be an unforgettable experience for our team. As first-time participants in a blockchain hackathon, we were thrilled to showcase our project TREE, which focuses on carbon removal for businesses through the use of blockchain technology. The hackathon provided a fantastic opportunity for us to connect with other projects building on TRON and to engage with the whole community. We would wholeheartedly recommend future hackathons to anyone, whether you’re a blockchain novice or veteran, as the community is incredibly open and welcoming.” 

The New Tracks

Season 4 of the HackaTRON has two new tracks: the Builder Track and the Eco-Friendly Track.

:: Builder ::

The Builder Track was created for returning projects that continued development on TRON/BTTC with significant updates for their project. To participate in the Builder Track, projects must have previously entered the Hackathon, must show documented work/updates with clearly defined new features, and must not already have an investment commitment from TRON DAO Ventures

:: Eco-Friendly ::

The Eco-Friendly Track aims to encourage participants to join TRON in their mission to drive the blockchain industry toward sustainability and environmental stewardship via the TRON Climate Initiative

TRON is very excited to see what this new season and all of its tracks will bring. Ours is a brilliant and innovative community and we could not be more proud of all the participants and builders that make it great. Good luck, everyone and merry HackaTRON!
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