What Is a HackaTRON and What Are the Tracks?

February 09, 2023

What Is a HackaTRON and What Are the Tracks?

Welcome to the fourth season of the HackaTRON! TRON’s Grand Hackathon exists to empower developer teams leveraging blockchain technology to build decentralized applications and solutions on the TRON blockchain and BitTorrent Chain. Projects are submitted to be evaluated by an expert panel of judges then rewarded from a distributed prize fund. As of February 1, 2023, HackaTRON submissions are open, and projects can be submitted until April 15, 2023.

This season’s HackaTRON has six tracks for project development and submission.  Four tracks are returning from last season:

  • Web3:
    • This track focuses on blockchain-based, internet infrastructure.
    • Applications cannot center on NFTs, finance or gaming.
    • Previous winners include OpenATM, Journey and Hextopus.
    • Season 3 winner, OpenATM, created a solution that would ease the transition to Web3 by making a free, open-source DIY atm that allows users to trade fiat money for TRX. 
  • DeFi:
    • The goal of this track is to create the next generation of financial services and solutions fully decentralized on the blockchain.
    • Previous winners include Meson-To and Bunny Notes.
    • Season 3 winner, Meson-To, empowers users to leverage Web3 dApps to instantly accept USDT and USDC from 16 chains.
  • GameFi:
    • The purpose of this track is to create fun gaming applications on the blockchain. 
    • Previous winners include GalaxyThrone, TuruVerse, and trxmini.games.
    • Season 3 winner, GalaxyThrone, enables the next generation of gaming by creating a fully on-chain SciFi strategy game where players own their planets and spaceships.
  • NFT:
    • This track aims to produce projects centered around Non Fungible Tokens.
    • Previous winners include Lazara, TREE Foundation, and ArtBeat.
    • Season 3 winner, Lazara, offers users the ability to mint AI-generated NFTs with state of the art diffusion models.

There are two new tracks this season: the Builder Track and the Eco-Friendly Track.

  • The Builder Track is for returning projects that are continuing development on TRON/BTTC with significant updates for their projects. To participate in the Builder Track, projects must have previously entered the Hackathon, display documented work/updates with clearly defined new features, and not already have an investment commitment from TRON DAO Ventures
  • The Eco-Friendly Track aims to encourage participants to join TRON in the mission to drive the blockchain industry toward sustainability and environmental stewardship via the TRON Climate Initiative. Projects that emphasize reducing the environmental impact of blockchain operations or measures like carbon removal are likely to do well in this area.

The deadline to submit projects is April 15, and minimum viable products (MVPs) are required for submission.

For more information about the TRON Grand Hackathon, check out the HackaTRON website. For a little inspiration, here’s a recap of all the winning projects from Season 2 and Season 3

Good luck!!!