TRON Girls Episode 1: Kim Kardashian and Celebrities in Crypto

January 20, 2023

TRON Girls Episode 1: Kim Kardashian and Celebrities in Crypto


Welcome to the FIRST-EVER episode of TRON Girls!!! Hosted by Alexis Schreiber and Lety Arellano, TRON Girls is a podcast created to give a voice to women in the crypto industry and to further engage with the TRON DAO community. 

For their first topic, they discussed celebrities in crypto, specifically how Kim Kardashian was fined for promoting a cryptocurrency on her Instagram. But before they started the conversation, the ladies gave a little background about themselves. 

Alexis had been a content writer at TRON DAO since January 2022. Lety was the social media manager since February 2022. Both are Bay Area natives who grew up in tech-centric towns, and both went to SFSU and started at TRON around the same time. Now they’re thrilled to start this new podcast venture together.

Diving into the topic, in June 2021, Kim Kardashian went on Instagram to promote a new cryptocurrency coin called EthereumMax to her 250 million followers (at the time). In October 2022, the SEC fined Kim Kardashian a whopping $1.26 million for not disclosing to her Instagram followers that she was financially compensated $250,000 for the post. 

In general, one should be cautious when watching a celebrity promote anything. There’s a big difference between promoting something you believe in and getting paid to promote an investment opportunity.

Share your thoughts in the comments on YouTube, and let us know what you think! Then, tune in next time for another episode of TRON Girls. 

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