TRON Bull Sets Up a TronLink Wallet

November 21, 2022

TRON Bull Sets Up a TronLink Wallet

TRON Bull loves crypto and NFTs. He remembers the day H.E. Justin Sun helped him set up his very own TronLink wallet. 

TRON Bull was leisurely walking along the Bay that day and ran into H.E. Justin Sun.

TRON Bull asked, “Can you help me set up my very own TronLink Wallet?” The answer was YES! 

H-E (as TRON Bull called him) said, “Let’s go to” There, they downloaded the TronLink browser extension. 

They opened the extension and selected “Create Wallet.” After agreeing to the terms of service, they named the wallet and created a password.

“The next step is extremely important. Don’t tell anyone else your Recovery Phrase.” TRON Bull re-entered his password and clicked “Back Up.” 

After TRON Bull wrote down the 12 recovery words in order, he verified select ones, and his wallet was verified!

TRON Bull also downloaded the TronLink wallet mobile app and imported his new wallet using the Recovery Phrase he had written down. 

H-E then helped TRON Bull get some TRX and USDD. 

“You have to go to an exchange like or a tool like to buy TRX for the first time. Then, you can send it to your new wallet! 

Sometimes it takes a few days for your first exchange from fiat money to settle in your account. Just in case, I’m going to send you some TRX. That way we can get your first NFT right now!” 

“My First NFT!” TRON Bull was excited. H-E typed in and helped TRON Bull get a TronBullClub NFT. Those immediately became his favorite. 

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