TRON Bull Just Bought Some NFTs on

November 21, 2022

TRON Bull Just Bought Some NFTs on

It was a cold, dark night. 

Well, not really. It was just a chilly night in San Francisco, the locale of TRON Bull’s downtown loft, just down the street from Luisa’s Restaurant and Wine Bar. Luisa herself is often there and has been since 1959. TRON Bull thinks she makes the best Italian food this side of Portofino Bay. 

Far from San Francisco, however, it wasn’t cold or dark where TRON Bull was that night. His blue location dot was in Dominica, which is actually quite lovely this time of year. The temps were mild, with a cool breeze blowing off the Caribbean waters from the direction of the sunset. After a long year of hard work, a short vacation with easy lounging was just what TRON Bull needed. Plus, he had been able to pay for travel with USDD on Then, to pay for his food on the island, he used TRX, because the Commonwealth of Dominica now allows seven TRON-based currencies in everyday use.

“How cool is that,” TRON Bull thought.

TRON Bull was just chilling, enjoying the sunset. Suddenly, he had an idea. 

“I’ve been wanting another NFT of me. No time like the present!”

Laptop on his lap, wifi synced up, and typed in, TRON Bull grinned as the home page pulled up. 

“Oooohhh. Bunny Planet NFTs. TronNinjas. Qatar 2022 World Cup NFTs!!!” TRON Bull really liked fútbol, or soccer as the Americans called it. 

He quickly clicked the “Connect” button in the top right corner. The TronLink Wallet Extension popped up, and TRON Bull confirmed the connection with APENFT. 

“Remember when H.E. Justin Sun showed me how to get a TronLink wallet?” TRON Bull was remembering that joyous day, the day he bought his first NFT. 

They had just finished lunch at The Spinnaker across the Bay. H-E, as TRON Bull calls him, showed the well-traveled mascot how to add the TronLink Wallet Extension on his web browser, then how to download the TronLink Wallet app on his phone. TRON-based NFTs can be purchased with either the web browser extension or the mobile app. What’s even better is that the BitTorrent File System (BTFS) provides fully decentralized storage for the APENFT Marketplace to ensure the data and resources of the NFTs are under the best and most reliable protection.

Now, with TronLink Wallet connected, TRON Bull clicked on “Explore” in the header menu. Tpunks3d. TronCoodles. BAYCTron. Qatar 2022 World Cup!!! Click. Then a click on the name of the collection on the top left of the page, and TRON Bull was scrolling through every fútbol player represented on the soccer NFTs. 

Then, there he was. Harry Kane, the famous captain of England’s World Cup squad, was featured, and the buy-now price was affordable. TRON Bull clicked “Buy Now.” A message popped up that said this collection had not been confirmed yet. TRON Bull considered that with caution, but he really wanted a Kane NFT. So he agreed to the risk. 

Then, the “Checkout” box popped up. There was an insufficient balance of TRX. 


TRON Bull must have spent more on food on this trip than he thought. Not to worry, for he could simply pick up his phone, open the TronLink Wallet app, and tap on the “Swap” icon. It was the second one from the left at the bottom of the screen. TRON Bull then swapped enough USDD for TRX, so that he could get the soccer NFT, grab another NFT that featured him, and maybe even enough to grab that calamari appetizer again tomorrow. 

The swap went through. TRON Bull refreshed the TronLink Wallet Extension on his laptop web browser and saw there was enough TRX now. 

After clicking “Buy Now” again, he agreed on the non-verified collection a second time. He was again reminded this wasn’t always the best move, but for a fútbol NFT at this buy-now price, it was fine with him. He knew the risk. 

The “Checkout” window appeared, and this time there was enough TRX. TRON Bull checked the box to agree to APENFT’s terms of service, then clicked “Checkout.” The TronLink Wallet Extension popped up again. As is normal in all NFT purchases, he had to “sign” the smart contract to approve the transaction. So, he clicked “Sign” on the extension window. 

TRON Bull always liked watching the whirly circle of pondering thingy that whizzed around after you submitted something like a purchase. 

The message read “Transaction has started,” then “Trade Successfully.” The Kane NFT was in the “MY NFTs” section of his profile on 

Now, to search for and purchase another TronBullClub NFT.

“Oooohhh!!! The fiery mohawk one is cool!” 

TRON Bull clicked “Buy Now,” and the sun yawningly sank beneath the ocean’s edge on the western horizon.