TronWallet: An open source secure, beautiful, simple yet powerful p2p crypto wallet for TRON

October 02, 2018

TronWallet is a mobile application available on iOS and Android, created by a community project also running for the SR elections ( The team of 20+ people is based in Canada, Brazil, and Chile. The application is available in over 29 languages and has around 20K users.

With the app you can:
— Access and protect your TRX from your mobile
— Pay with TRX and other utility tokens built under TRX, by using a QR scanner
— Send TRX and other utility tokens by entering a wallet address or a QR code
— Request payment in TRX, by creating a unique QR code/transaction
— Freeze, unfreeze tokens and vote for the TRON Super Representatives
— Check the market/price
— Keep track of all the transactions (validated and pending) made on the app
— Invest in other tokens running under TRX with an ICO mechanism and secure those tokens on your phone
— Access to tutorials and learning from the app
— Unlock the app and access all functionalities with safer security mechanisms like Face ID and fingerprint
— Create multiple wallets within the app

They plan to roll out a new p2p exchange on the mobile append of Q4 2018 (allowing people to trade tokens without a middleman), also in Q4 they will launch a new beta version of a web widget to sell ICO tokens.
They also plan to create a dApps browser in Q1 2019 to accelerate dApps creation.



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