FCC: Building an ecosystem for the forecasting market based on Blockchain technologies

September 20, 2018

FCC: Building an ecosystem for the forecasting market based on Blockchain technologies

Based on Blockchain technologies, FCC builds an ecosystem for the forecasting market; Through in-depth machine learning and Swarm Intelligence-Based Physics, FCC can automatically generate secure and reliable forecasting statistics, creating a forecasting network effect; With the token economy system, FCC realized swarm intelligence value closed loop inside the forecasting ecosystem, building an ecosystem for the forecasting market based on Blockchain technologies.

We use the financial forecast as an application scenario, predicting indexes in the mainstream digital currency markets and global mainstream stock exchanges within a certain period of time. We would like to present serious predictions in an entertaining way. This is the original purpose of launching the Forecast Tournament application.

Based on the trend of various indexes in a two-minute slot, users need to predict whether the price will go up or down, whether the last digit of the price is odd or even within the rule, and what the exact last digit is. According to the probability of each prediction item, the system will reward the users with correct predictions proportionally.

Forecasting with tokens as bets ensure the seriousness of the forecast. The rewards for correct predictions will raise the interest of the participants. As a result, the financial market prediction model generated can be most informative, serving the participants in return. This is what the Forecast Tournament is about.

TRON Tournament only supports betting with TRX with targets including three major stock market indexes and three hottest digital currencies to date. The reason why we put TRX here is because that this is the best spot out of all the available content.

1. Asset deposit and withdrawal

My assets, choose currency, enter the number of tokens for withdrawal, enter the token withdrawal address, at least 1000 tokens for withdrawal

Deposit, you can scan or copy the QR code

2. Introducing the features (introducing every page)

· Higher or lower, 1342nd round, predict if the price 12:18 will go higher or lower than a certain price

· Odd or even, 1342nd round, predict if the last digit of the price 12:18 will be odd or even

· The last digit, 1372nd round, predict which is the last digit of the price 12:18, from 1 to 0

During the two-minute slot, the first minute is for betting, and the betting will be closed in the next minute. After the betting is closed, if you still want to participate, you may go for other options because the awarding time is different for different options.

If you are very confident with your predictions, after predicting ETH, you may choose BTC or Shanghai Stock Exchange.

3. Introduction on betting (height, odd or even, the last digit) A general introduction on odds and why it is set.

1. Try to bet different amount, 10/20/50. To avoid addiction to the product, currently, the system has restricted the number of bets per day to 1000. If you want to bet 100, you may choose 50 twice, so it will use only two opportunities.

2. For stock market indexes such as Shanghai Stock Exchange indexes, predict the general trend for those indexes when the market opens, and this will help to bet on whether the price in the general market will go up or down with a higher success rate. Someone has won a few million FCC in a day through the Forecast Tournament on FCC app.

3. When introducing the prediction on odd or even number, explain why the odds for odd or even number are different. It is because if the last digit of the decimal is 0, the system will not show it, so we have one fewer even number than odd number. Because we haven’t used technologies to ensure that 0 is shown at the end, we adjust the odds for even number based on probabilities. Different odds will increase the interest of users to participate in the prediction. Based on the coin-flip theory, the probability of odd or even number for each prediction should be 50%. The different odds we have attracted more users to bet on higher odds for bigger winnings.