Episode 7: Around the Block with Shane and Imran. Exploring the Present and Future of Multi-chain and Cross-chain Interoperability and Collaboration


Welcome to another recap from Around the Block. In episode 7, host Frank Caruso, Social and Community Marketing Manager at TRON, spoke with Imran Mohamad, Head of Marketing, and Shane Hong, Head of Strategy at Kyber Network, about exploring the present and future of multi-chain and cross-chain interoperability and collaboration.

Kyber Network is a multi-chain crypto trading and liquidity hub that connects liquidity from different sources to enable trades at the best rates. Their vision is to become the liquidity hub for the decentralized economy, where any user or application can easily access the required tokens for their liquidity needs. They’re committed to building protocols that support convenient and secure value exchange in decentralized finance, NFT markets, and beyond.

In this episode streamed on April 15, 2022, Frank began the conversation by asking Imran and Shane about their roles at Kyber Network. Imran said his goal is to enable Kyber to be the leading, most integrated, and advanced multi-chain decentralized exchange. He explained that Kyber allows DeFi users to trade on 10 chains with more than 23,000 tokens, along with other exciting opportunities. Imran said they also make sure to partner with prominent companies such as TRON and BitTorrent to build Web3 together.

Shane handles a lot of the Kyber DAO governance and KNC-related topics. He also works closely with Imran on marketing KNC and Kyber swap. Shane also expressed that they’re very excited to share more about their upcoming features and integrations.

From a macro and philosophical level about interoperability, Frank asked how that philosophy shapes and guides both Imran and Shane’s decisions within the team. Shane explained how Kyber was founded on the objective of providing value to the DeFi and crypto space before DeFi was well-known. At Kyber, they wanted to allow a seamless value exchange between tokens and projects when there wasn’t an easy way to do so. This evolved over time to include not only swapping tokens but facilitating liquidity provisioning and value exchange throughout the whole DeFi and GameFi ecosystem.

Shane noted that their vision remains at the core of being a liquidity infrastructure for the DeFi space to be a multi-chain hub where anyone can come whenever they need liquidity. Imran added that if you think about interoperability, they want users to be able to do what they want, such as making payments and sending transfers to exchange items. He said they take a lot of pride in talking about ecosystem partnerships, integrations, and making things interoperable simply because that’s what users want, need, and deserve.

Frank then went on to say he thinks the future is bright for Kyber Network and that they align well with TRON DAO, especially since Kyber is also operating as a DAO. Both TRON and Kyber know how to listen to their community and listen to their users, making things easier and more accessible. It all shapes up for an excellent long-term experience and outcome.

Switching topics, Frank then asked their thoughts on integrating stablecoins into their protocols. Shane explained they always consider how to provide exceptional liquidity for stablecoins for their users. They work with projects, seeding these pools, and incentivizing them, so there’s a solid foundation of stablecoin liquidity, which they’re doing with TRON DAO and BTTC.

The conversation concluded with both Shane and Imran giving their final thoughts.

“When we do this right together, we’re setting the foundations for the next five to 10 years of commerce, GameFi, and peer-to-peer networks that will fuel the next industrial revolution,” Imran said. “I love this community; I love that we’re so aligned with TRON long-term wise, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.”

“Stay tuned for our upcoming liquidity mining initiatives on KyberSwap in collaboration with TRON DAO and BTTC,” Shane said. “We’ve very excited to see what else we can do and work on within the coming months.”

KyberSwap has officially launched on TRON/BTTC – for more info, visit: www.KyberSwap.com
Thank you for reading this short recap of another great episode of Around the Block. We look forward to bringing you another episode soon with our team, bringing web3experts together for engaging conversations.