Episode 1: Around the Block with Laurent Perello. Expectations of the #TRON #GrandHackathon2022.


Around the Block Ep. 1 Recap with Laurent Perello

Welcome to the recap of the first-ever episode of Around the Block presented by TRON DAO. A streaming series aired on Dlive Protocol while also streaming live to TRON’s YouTube channel. Partner guests will be hosted, including exchanges, hackathon contestants, educators, crypto experts, and more, to have detailed discussions on blockchain technology and the crypto space.

Around the Block is TRON DAO’s effort to engage with our community in a continuous fashion. It’s a mark of our commitment to our community’s growth.

In the first episode streamed live on Feb. 18, 2022, host Dave Uhryniak, Director of Blockchain Strategy at TRON, discusses blockchain, a philosophical approach to simplicity and inclusivity, with guest Laurent Perello, Founder and CEO of Visions of Blockchain and who is also a TRON DAO Blockchain Advisor.

The conversation began around the launch of the TRON Grand Hackathon 2022. With the increasing use of decentralized, peer-to-peer, and secure networks, blockchain is becoming the backbone of Web 3.0 — the decentralized web. TRON DAO and BitTorrent Chain (BTTC) launched the TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 to create opportunities for unheard talents and accelerate the development of Web 3.0 while promoting the growth of the blockchain ecosystem.

Laurent will be serving on the permanent judge panel, helping scout out potential development teams and projects in the EU to participate in the TRON DAO forum and discord. He diligently engages the entire EU blockchain community to bridge the TRON and BTTC ecosystem.

Dave asked Laurent about the “Meta-philosophical dimension of the Web3 revolution.” They also discussed the evolution of blockchain, the potential of Web 3.0, the importance of cross-chain capabilities, and TRON’s ecosystem.

Laurent also talked about his expectations of the Hackathon and how participants need to develop tools that address the right issue. He also touched on the topic of GameFi and how it will push the use of NFTs and help them become adopted.

“I’m really fascinated by the Web3 universe because it’s people from all over the world doing things together with a common goal,” said Laurent. He also noted that it’s impressive to consider that you can transform your passion and talent into real value.

They also touched on DeFi and how it’s not only important to the Hackathon but to TRON overall.

The conversation concluded with a discussion about decentralization, how to drive inclusivity, and creating that usability. Virtually anyone can access it. The point of decentralization is that anyone can get an idea into the market.

Thank you for reading this short recap of another great episode of Around the Block. We look forward to bringing you another episode soon with our team, engaging experts, and conversations.