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If you're passionate about TRON, blockchain technology, or more, TRONICS have likely built a community just for you.

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TRONICS act as the backbone of the network, providing computational power and support for the various dApps and features that make up the TRON ecosystem.


We recognize that TRONICS are the heart of TRON and represent its future. Understanding that, we find it imperative to provide the tools to turn your brilliant ideas into realities.


TRON provides valuable funding and resources to creators who are building projects within its ecosystem.


TRON is looking to support TRON eco-educators and influencers who are working on DAO-related projects and outreach.


TRON is looking to help developers that are making this network more secure through discovery of bugs and vulnerabilties

Responsive Team


Steven George Bischoff

Community Manager at TRON DAO,With a background supporting SAAS technology, Community relations, and Ecosystem Development. Steven’s goal is to help educate and bring more users to the world of Web3!.



For almost a decade, Hunter has been actively involved in contributing to open-source blockchain projects, collaborating with other experts in the industry, and working alongside developers to decentralize the web.



Ejaz is a hospitality graduate who changed careers to become a developer and product manager because he loves to design and produce software. He enjoys traveling and learning about various cultures, sites, and foods.