HackaTRON Season 5 and TRON Builder Tour – A Fusion of Talent, Innovation, and Blockchain

July 28, 2023

HackaTRON Season 5 and TRON Builder Tour – A Fusion of Talent, Innovation, and Blockchain

In the dynamic landscape of blockchain technology, opportunities for innovation and growth abound. This year, TRON DAO, BitTorrent Chain (BTTC), and Huobi Ventures are excited to announce HackaTRON Season 5, in conjunction with the TRON Builder Tour, as platforms for talents to shape the future of the blockchain universe. Our outstanding prize pool of up to 500,000* is waiting for those ready to challenge their boundaries!

Exploring the Tracks of HackaTRON Season 5

HackaTRON S5 is set to explore five distinct tracks: Web3, DeFi, Artistry (featuring NFTs, GameFi, and Metaverse projects), Builder for our esteemed past participants, and the eagerly awaited AI track. This diverse set of themes invites you to contribute your creativity and innovative ideas to the rapidly growing blockchain ecosystem.

Connecting with the Community in TRON Builder Tour

Simultaneously, the TRON Builder Tour will carry the spirit of HackaTRON to various tech hubs across the country. This roadshow epitomizes our dedication to empowering our vibrant community of developers through direct engagement and practical workshops. The tour dates are as follows:

New York City: Kick-off on July 16, 2023

Los Angeles: Meet-up on July 27, 2023

Miami: Drop-by on August 26, 2023

Berkeley: Innovation day on September 9, 2023

Princeton: Grand finale on September 23, 2023

Mark these dates to experience a synergistic mix of education, innovation, and networking opportunities.

Experience the Impact of HackaTRON Season 5

Participation in HackaTRON S5 is an exciting venture beyond the attractive prize pool. Here’s why:

Exposure: Showcase your talents to a global audience of blockchain enthusiasts and industry leaders.

Collaboration: Pool your intellectual resources with fellow participants, fostering shared learning and potential partnerships.

Impact: Make a lasting mark on the future of blockchain technology through your innovative solutions.

Opportunities: Compete for job offers, internships, or get noticed by venture capitalists.

Community: Engage with the TRON, BTTC, and Huobi Ventures communities that promote innovation, growth, and camaraderie.

Boost Your Success with Our Generous Prize Pool

Our grand prize pool of 500,000*, split across various categories, adds a motivating spark to the competition:

Judge-Selected Qualifiers (per track)

1st Place: 25,000

2nd Place: 15,000

3rd Place: 10,000

4th Place: 8,000

5th Place: 6,000

Community-Selected Winners

1st Place: 7,000

2nd Place: 6,000

3rd Place: 5,000

4th Place: 4,000

5th Place: 3,000

*Please note that all prizes are in USDD, not USD, and are only awarded to eligible HackaTRON Season 5 participants.

In addition, we’ve partnered with Huobi Ventures, who will contribute an additional $5,000 USD to each first-place winner and a $2,500 USD bug bounty for the TRON Builder Tour, making an additional total of $27,500 USD.

HackerEarth Partnership

We’re delighted to have HackerEarth, a global developer network, as the official hackathon platform partner for HackaTRON Season 5. Their 7.6M+ developer community and 1000+ recruiters will provide ample resources and tools for participants to refine their skills and showcase their talents.
Join us in HackaTRON Season 5 and the TRON Builder Tour as we push the boundaries of blockchain technology. Embrace the fusion of ambition, creativity, and the transformative power of blockchain. Together, we’ll make this an unforgettable experience and lay down new tracks on the path of the blockchain world. Stay tuned for more updates!