TRON Academy Celebrates Milestones as Blockchain Clubs Research for Innovation

May 01, 2023

TRON Academy Celebrates Milestones as Blockchain Clubs Research for Innovation

TRON Academy, the initiative focused on equipping the next generation of blockchain leaders and developers from the world’s most prestigious learning environments and universities, celebrated two milestones recently. 

First, a former winner of the TRON Grand Hackathon “Hacker House” began participation in an elite startup accelerator. The “Hacker House” is an in-person version of the “HackaTRON,” created solely for university students building blockchain applications. Participation by a former Hacker House winner in an elite mentoring program was a first for TRON Academy. Acceptance comes with coaching and networking as well as further guidance to maximize development efforts for the startup project. Stay tuned for more details on who that past winner is and what their minimum viable product will be. Rumor is an announcement may be made in the coming months. 

Second, TRON leadership assisted in the launch of the first ever “Intro to Blockchain and NFTs” course at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. President Dr. L. Gregory Jones, formerly Dean of Duke Divinity School, is committed to developing diverse leaders of purpose, character, wisdom, and an entrepreneurial mindset who are interested in developing innovative solutions to complex problems. Known and respected for its music school, music business program, and music production as well as singer/songwriting preparation, Belmont also has renowned programs in nursing, law, neuroscience, education, business, design, marketing and more.

A few other updates from TRON Academy to note:

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