TRON Weekly Update Video Feb 13-20 2023

February 22, 2023

TRON Weekly Update Video Feb 13-20 2023

TRON Weekly Update Video

Welcome back to another weekly update.

You know the drill. I’m here to share the news from this past week at TRON, so let’s get into it!


  1. Season 4 of the TRON Grand Hackathon, aka “HackaTRON,” kicked off February 1. Submissions will be accepted through April 15. If you know of a young project, early startup, or existing application that needs to be a part of the TRON ecosystem, encourage them to sign up at 
  1. TRON’s block height exceeded 48.64M, and the number of nodes totaled 5,892.
  1. The total number of accounts on TRON MainNet reached 142,542,029, with 1,116,395 new accounts added this week.
  1. The total number of transactions on the TRON network reached 4.89B, with 45.07M new transactions recorded last week.
  1. The TVL on TRON surpassed $12B.
  1. As of February 10, the total amount of TRX burned has surpassed 15B, approximately $1.08B in worth.
  1. On February 10, during the “Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia” interview, Justin Sun said he believes AI is the next significant trend for blockchain, and TRON will play an essential role in the integration of the two sectors.
  1. On February 13, Tether issued an additional 1B USDT on TRON, pushing the total supply of TRC20-USDT to 38.12B.
  1. TRON started a brand new podcast named TRON Policy Report (TPR), which zooms in on the latest developments in cryptocurrency regulation.
  1. On February 15, a step-by-step guide on migrating Binance-peg TRX over to BTTC-bridged Version TRX was posted on the TRON DAO blog. Check it out if you need help migrating your tokens over to the new version. 

This has been another weekly update! Thank you so much for watching. 

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I’ll see you all next week with another weekly update!