TRON Weekly Update Video Feb 3 to 11 2023

February 14, 2023

TRON Weekly Update Video Feb 3 to 11 2023

Welcome back to another weekly update where we share the news from this past week at TRON.

This was a big week, so get comfortable and let’s dive right in!


  1. TRON’s block height exceeded 48.44M, and the total number of nodes stood at 5,787.
  1. The total number of accounts on TRON MainNet reached 141,425,634, with 1,382,621 new accounts added this week.
  1. The total number of transactions on the TRON network reached 4.84B, with 52.05M new transactions for the past week.
  1. The TVL on TRON surpassed $11.4B.
  1. On February 3, H.E. Justin Sun stated on social media that TRON and BitTorrent will work together to empower AI integration into blockchain development.
  1. On February 4, Justin Sun tweeted that TRON is the blockchain best suited to provide AI-tools like ChatGPT with a decentralized payment framework that’s fully on-chain, including the smart contract system, payment layer protocol, underlying calling SDKs, and AI payment gateway.
  1. On February 7, Fireblocks, a world-leading digital asset and crypto infrastructure platform, announced that it is expanding access to the DeFi ecosystem on TRON.
  1. Also On February 7, Messari, the leading provider of crypto market intelligence, released State of TRON Q4 2022. According to the report, despite a tough market, TRON witnessed increases in new users and network activity and maintained its dominance in stablecoins.
  1. Recently, TRON launched a $100M AI development fund to encourage the integration of AI into blockchain development. Four areas of focus have been initially identified: AI Service Payment Platform, AI Infused Oracles, AI Informed Investment Management Services, and AI Generated Content. Blockchain developers looking to integrate AI into TRON-based dApps should consider applying. 
  1. On February 9, Justin Sun participated in a Huobi-sponsored panel discussion with the popular American rap star French Montana and JAZ DID founder Dr. Jeff Watney. 

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