Jan 23 to 27 2023 TRON Weekly Update Video

February 02, 2023

Jan 23 to 27 2023 TRON Weekly Update Video

Welcome back to another weekly update where we share the news from this past week at TRON.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get into it!


  1. TRON’s blockchain height exceeded 48.04M with a total of 5,721 nodes across the network.
  1. The total number of accounts on TRON MainNet reached 138,539,038, with 1,511,756 new accounts added this week.
  1. The total number of transactions on TRON reached 4.74B, and 50.26M new transactions were recorded this week.
  1. The TVL on TRON surpassed $11.1B.
  1. On January 20, the TRON network passed the No.82 committee proposal. The main content of this proposal is to modify the No.69 network parameter. Execution of the transactions related to voting rewards calculation will be sped up noticeably when the proposal takes effect.
  1. On January 21, the eve of the Chinese New Year, H.E. Justin Sun, delivered a New Year message to all users in the TRON community.
  1. Also on January 21, Justin Sun announced on social media the upcoming launch of liquid staking and a decentralized resource marketplace on TRON
  1. On January 23, the Saint Martin News Network reported that Rolando Brison, the leader of the United People’s Party, plans to submit an initiative law to go through the legislative process in the coming weeks. The law aims to officially make TRON part of the country’s infrastructure and TRON tokens its legal tender.
  1. On January 25, TRX went live on the well-known Japanese crypto exchange Zaif. Deposits, withdrawals, and order book trading are available.
  1. Also on January 25, Valkyrie, a prominent digital investment firm based in the U.S., tweeted that USDT-TRON has seen a noticeable improvement in its use over the past three years. Specifically, TRC20-USDT has exceeded ERC20-USDT in terms of transactions per day, on-chain supply, and value transferred

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