Why You Can Believe in TRON

January 11, 2023

Why You Can Believe in TRON

As 2023 begins, what if those who are serious about the state of cryptocurrency and the future of decentralized finance adopted the following New Year’s Resolution together:

:: Let’s build on 2022 by cultivating for trust, conferring for compliance, and collaborating to create solutions for everyone :: 


2022 will likely be remembered as a year of calamity and mistrust. There’s no doubt that those who were on the fence about crypto fell to the doubtful side regarding its value and validity. The contagion of various debacles was felt far and wide, and trust was damaged among even the most loyal crypto enthusiasts. Trauma is no understatement when it comes to describing what crypto holders experienced as they dealt with financial loss and profound insecurity about the future. Psychologists often explain that for every rupture, there is need for repair. So, how will trust be repaired?

However industry leaders work to repair it, one thing is clear – in 2023 and beyond, the capital that leading crypto companies and communities must develop and maintain is TRUST. 

Cultivating for trust isn’t easy and it takes time. What will crypto industry leaders need to do to earn it? 


First, we must confer for compliance. There is no longer tolerance for unclear common standards regarding cryptocurrency. A united effort to establish clear regulations is essential, so that trust can be regained. The manner in which we move toward compliance, however, is critical, for it will determine whether we recreate a dressed-up version of the centralized financial system, or we lay the pathway toward a decentralized future. 

What if the ongoing oversight of regulatory infrastructure was governed by a decentralized autonomous organization made up of a diverse, distributed global network? 

That kind of conferring together, transparently, in decentralized, democratic fashion, could demonstrate the level of trust industry leaders have in one another, thus laying the foundation to earn the trust of the global populus as they see the potential and the power of crypto and blockchain tech. So, let us hold fast to our conviction that decentralization of the internet, finance, commerce, and community is the best way forward toward our new economic future together. 


Next, industry leaders must collaborate to create solutions. While regulatory compliance is being established, user-friendly solutions must be developed. The decentralized future will be built on secure blockchain technology with seamless cross-chain interoperability. Collaboration is required for this aspiration to become actuality. Furthermore, the best minds must come together both to imagine as well as build the non-cumbersome, mobile solutions that will enable mass adoption of cryptocurrency as well as everyday financial and social utility. 


Finally, while regulatory compliance is being established and collaborative solutions are being created, accessibility must be the priority so that everyone everywhere can participate in our decentralized future. In other words, industry leaders need to confer toward compliance and collaborate to create solutions with EVERYONE in mind. It is time to move on from the days when only a select segment of the population could participate in the global economy, when only an elite few had access to stable currencies. 

TRON DAO will continue to strive to earn and maintain user trust. You can believe in TRON: 

  • because we are already hard at work conferring for compliance and engaging to establish global common standards for cryptocurrency. 
  • because we are equipping and empowering the best and brightest developers to incorporate high-level programming languages to build blockchain-based, decentralized solutions that in turn are accessible, scaleable, and affordable for street-level, everyday use. 
  • because we believe to the core that every single person on the planet should have access to global commerce and to the global community, and we are collaborating to create solutions for everyone. 

TRON aims to become the global economy’s primary settlement layer. The future of finance, commerce, and community are all being redefined by decentralization, blockchain technology, and web3 solutions. As the global trend-setter in cryptocurrency, TRON hopes to earn and maintain user trust, while developing an ecosystem infrastructure that will be able to serve every human on the planet.