Funds for the TRON DAO Grant Program Distributed to Applicants

October 07, 2022

Funds for the TRON DAO Grant Program Distributed to Applicants

With the Community, Developer, and Influencer Grant applications accepted and funds disbursed, the TRON DAO Grants Program had a thriving quarter.

TRON is thrilled to actively assist projects in these endeavors with the funding granted since TRON is constantly looking for new opportunities to grow its ecosystem and fully involve its global community. These grants were established by TRON in order to promote a gateway between the DAO and various focused TRON projects to broaden the ecosystem, a bridge between the DAO and different core developers to widen the network, and to encourage users to seek system flaws in order to make the ecosystem more secure, reliable, and useful.

To expand, strengthen, and enhance TRON’s aim to decentralize and ensure that the web is accessible to everyone, TRON is inviting community members, developers, and influencers in the blockchain industry to join TRON and its ecosystem. TRON is excited to encourage prospective crypto enthusiasts to join the TRON ecosystem and support them on their path to success.

The candidates will benefit from these opportunities in terms of financial support as well as important exposure and experience by working within the TRON ecosystem. These awards have been widely utilized in all three areas during the previous month. The chosen candidates who were awarded funding are listed below:

Line Hammett, CEO, Founder, and Creator of the first original 10k NFT collection on TRON, TRONBIES, as well as the Business and Marketing Development Manager for the Hackathon Season 1 winner Just Money, was awarded $500 for the Community Ambassador Grant Program.

Mo Kasseum, the inventor of TRON Ninjas and the first-place winner of Hackathon Season 1, received $1,000 as part of the Developer Grant Program, along with $500 each for Hackathon Season 2 winners Patrick Robinson and Yair Haimson, $300 for Hackathon Season 1 first-place winner Moises Cedeno, and $200 for Hackathon Season 1 winner Michael Eder.

Michael McCreary Jr., who works to promote the adoption of TRON projects in the U.S., received a $3,000 award for the Influencer Grant Program. Steven Hanson received $1,000 to promote TRON DAO on Twitter and to serve as an official TRON Ambassador. Thomas Larsen received $500 to promote TRON on Twitter and Tanish Singla received $100 to increase the reach of TRON to its users.

Bravo to the participants for the Grant Program who were awarded, and thank you for your commitment and dedication. Your passion is appreciated to contribute to the decentralization of the web by developing on TRON.