Decision of TRON Foundation and Justin Sun on Unlimited 1:1 withdrawal of TRX on OKEx

September 16, 2021

Dear TRON Community,

According to the “Withdrawal suspension announcement” by OKEx Exchange on October 16, it is currently unable to withdraw assets on OKEx due to special reasons, and the recovery time has not been set yet, which results in the assets of OKEx users unable to circulate and be withdrawn freely.

After careful consideration, in order to be responsible for our TRX token holders, TRON Foundation and Justin Sun have decided to shoulder their major responsibility in the industry and give users access to the unlimited 1:1 withdrawal of TRX on OKEx. This decision will take effect as soon as it is announced.

After this announcement is published, OKEx users can transfer TRX to the designated account in this announcement ([email protected] or [email protected]) via internal transfer and contact our official mobile phone number (+8618311026028). We will send the transferred TRX into the TRX mainnet account specified by the user within 12–24 hours. As the withdrawal will be operated manually, there may be a delay in arrival.

Please follow the steps below:

1. Open OKEx app and select transfer — internal transfer

2. Select coin — TRX

3. Select site — OKEx

4. Account name — [email protected] or [email protected]

5. Fill the last 8 digits of your mobile phone number after the decimal point of the quantity (e.g., if you number is +8618812345678, and you want to transfer 50,000 TRX, then fill 50000.12345678)

6. After the transfer is successful, use the same phone number to text “Transfer XXX OK-TRX; need to transfer to the TRON address: XXXXXXXX” to our official number +8618311026028 (again, the official mobile phone is +8618311026028!!!) to verify. (* The last 8 digits of the number that sends the text must be the same as the ones specified in your quantity of transfer. Only when the number after the quantity decimal point and the number that you send text with are the same can the transfer be successful.)

7. After verification by our customer service, the same amount of TRX will be transferred to the TRON MainNet address specified in your text message within 12–24 hours.


1. The last 8 digits of your transfer quantity must be the same as the last 8 digits of the mobile phone number that you send text message with;

2. After a successful transfer, a text message must be sent to our official mobile phone number. The quantity of your transfer and the last 8 digits of your mobile phone number must be consistent;

3. The TRON MainNet address to which you are transferring must be correctly specified in your text message;

4. Remember! If no information is provided, the transfer cannot be revoked because it is not able to trace the source on OKEx!

The campaign intends to help TRX holders protect their assets. The final right of interpretation belongs to Tron Foundation.

TRON Foundation