Announcement | Latest Update on Unlimited 1:1 Withdrawal of TRX on OKEx (First batch)

October 21, 2020

Announcement | Latest Update on Unlimited 1:1 Withdrawal of TRX on OKEx (First batch)

The unlimited 1:1 withdrawal decision yesterday has been broadly welcomed by the community. We will continue to update users on the latest progress of this withdrawal plan. At present, TRON has helped 16 OKEx users withdraw their TRX, and the TRON Foundation has transferred a total of 9419739.963519 TRX, worth 247268.174 USD according to the CMC price of TRX at the time of press, to the wallet addresses offered by these users at a 1:1 ratio.

In order to speed up the whole process, in addition to [email protected], we added a new internal transfer address account: [email protected] to help users quickly complete the withdrawal of OK-TRX! (Please do not send emails to OKEx’s transfer account. This email address is only used as a transfer account. Please send SMS according to the verification process)

Two years into the launch of the MainNet, TRON, boasting over 12 million accounts, has received enormous support and assistance from millions of community members along the way. Meanwhile, TRX trading pairs have become available on over 130 exchanges. Today, TRX holders can be found on every continent.

Upholding the value of “Decentralize the Web” since day one, TRON Foundation has been working wholeheartedly to reshape the world with technology. We deeply appreciate the long-standing support from all our users.Therefore, after careful deliberation, TRON Foundation and Justin Sun have decided to give back to all community users and promote the vigorous growth of the industry for the sake of all TRX holders.

In parallel, we have immediately contacted OKEx upon the incident to negotiate a better solution to protect user assets.Transfer and deposit will be available soon. Please be patient.

The purpose of the campaign is to protect users’ TRX assets. TRON Foundation reserves the right of final interpretation for the campaign.

TRON Foundation