Introduction to TRON Wiki

May 24, 2018

As a brand new and open encyclopedia, Wiki records TRON’s major dynamics and technological advances, allowing anyone to read TRON’s blockchain technology and relevant information, including blockchain explorers, wallets, TRON underlying protocols, and TRON events — Tron Programming Contest, TRON LOAN, TRON PG, etc. Same as an encyclopedia, Wikis fully document the real-time development of TRON, thus providing all participants with the freest TRON documents.
Participants can participate in the construction of the Wiki Library using rst documents to write basic grammar or Sphinx documentation tools through GitHub and Crowdin. It is an open project that allows joint creation and improvement from worldwide TRON supporters. Therefore, Wiki owns the nature to be a freely accessible and freely editable TRON knowledge system, which means that it not only allows participants to freely compile TRON documents but also can record the progress of TRON technology and TRON events attracting media attention.