How to use Tronscan Super Representative on

May 18, 2018

How to use Tronscan Super Representative on


Tronscan provides a way for Super Representatives to publish their information right where the voters are, on Tronscan!

Super Representatives can use this template to build a static page which will be shown on Tronscan. The link will be placed in the voting overview page right next to the name.

By editing files in the repository on Github the Super Representative can manage their own content.


The example shows which files are presented where. Whenever the files on Github are modified the page will instantly be updated

Example Super Representative Pages

How to use

This guide assumes that you already have an account which has Super Representative (candidate) status

Step 1: Copy/Fork the template on Github

After forking the repository you will be navigated to your own tronsr-template version of the repository where you can make changes

Step 2: Fill in the template

The template can now be modified by editing files on Github.

  • Click the file you want to edit

Open edit modus

Add some information to the file

Files are written in markdown format. An excellent intro can be found at

  • Update the logo.png and banner.png
  • Then click on “choose your files” and make sure the logo or banner you want to upload is named logo.png orbanner.png to overwrite the placeholder images.

After you filled in the template it can now be published on

Step 3: Publish to Tronscan

  • Navigate to
  • Login to your account. In this example it shows using the private key, but you may use any login method.

Open account and make sure the “Representative” label is visible

Scroll to the bottom and click “Set Github Link”

Input your Github username and then press “Link Github”

View your new Page!